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Overseer Edmond and Mrs Amma Mensah

District Overseer

Overseer Mensah is responsible for encouraging and maintaining our church’s culture by being an active leader in our ever-growing community. As our District Pastor, they play a crucial role in the spiritual life at Pentecost International Worship Center, Sac-Town District.

Leadership: Leadership

District Executives

This is the decision making body of the churches in the District. They provide counsel and support to all ministries and their programs throughout the district.

Overseer Edmond Mensah


Elder Kenneth Marenga

District Secretary

Deaconess Anna Detchie

District Financial Secretary

Elder Isaac Detchie

Executive Member

Elder Samuel Dankyi

Executive Member/Stockton Campus Presiding Elder

Elder Ernest Adjei

Executive Member

Elder Geoffrey Ngugi

Executive Member

Deaconess Linda Adjei

Executive Member/Women's Ministry Leader

Deaconess Doris Kamara

Executive Member/Women's Ministry Assistant Leader

Leadership: Leadership
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